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About Us

AIM’s team of doctors work with many of the top ranked healthcare professionals in Atlanta. Through our office, or one of theirs, It is our goal to restore you to optimal health.
Our evidence based testing and treatment programs help determine exactly which medical issues are pertinent to you and how they can best be resolved. Quality and compassionate health care is our promise to you.
We accept most insurance plans. ALL of our Doctors are Medicare providers. We also offer primary care for Medicare Patients.
Conveniently located on North Point Parkway in Alpharetta, Georgia, our team of experienced doctors will work with you to build a wellness plan that will have you feeling better and help improve your overall quality of life.
We invite you to call our office to schedule a brief, complimentary consultation with Dr. Williams to discuss Functional Medicine or Weight Loss concerns.

We'll Get you Back in the Game!

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