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The AIM Solution
AIM is a blend of traditional and alternative medicine – what we believe is the best approach to your healthcare needs. Our practice embraces the combined knowledge and effort of our board certified non-surgical orthopedic MD, our chiropractors (including a foot and extremities specialist), and our naturopath. Whether you have an acute condition that demands immediate attention or you want to improve and balance your overall health, we work with you to find relief, solutions, wellness and vitality. Our testing and treatment programs help determine exactly which medical issues are pertinent to you and how they can best be resolved. Quality and compassionate healthcare is our promise to you.

At AIM, we are committed to providing the best available care to our patients. Our goal is to help you obtain the health you want. As a general rule we try always to do the most common sense things and provide the most natural services, and to work with your body to create the best conditions for it to heal. Sometimes, prescription medications are needed. And when they are we will prescribe those medications in consultation with you, taking into account your personal medical history and any other medications you may be taking.

Our doctors will do all the procedures to resolve your issues without surgery. If necessary, they will help you regain your health after surgery.


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